Inert synthetic material originating from coal’s fusion (CER ID nr: 10 06 01).

We manufacture three encoded types of grain-sizes named M-8, M-25 and M-60. Other grain-sizes upon request.

Our products are packed in bulk in different ways according to the needs or shipping requirements (land, sea):

  • Big bag: loading the product using this type of industrial sack, allows saving storage space in bulk keeping all safety guarantees.
  • Pallets: for the shipping by pallets, the product can be packed in sacks that after their precise placing and fastening by strapping machines are put in pallets for their quick, comfortable and precise handling and shipping.

This abrasive is recommended to achieve high levels of rugosity and for descaling surfaces in high corrosion state or treated with products of high anchorage properties.

Recommended for treating New Steels, medium rugosity concrete, high efficiency and low consumption.

Low rugosity, descaling first paint coats, wood, textile treatment.

Check in here the safety data sheets:


All Abrasivos Mendiola’s activity is developed under ISO 9001:2008 quality standard, and ISO 14001:2004 environmental management standard.